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Holly skillfully explores difficult topics with deep understanding, passion, warmth and humor. She provides her audience with proven -actionable strategies.


Holly's training sessions are available for both small and large groups and can be individualized to meet the needs and interests of the organization or school. Below is a list of most requested topics.

Decreasing Challenging Behavior in Differently Wired Children
Autism and Anxiety: Strategies That Work
Autism and ADHD: Success in the classroom
Improving Social Skills in Differently Wired Children
Decreasing Stress and Increasing Self-Care in Caregivers of Differently Wired Children

"Holly's presentation style was a breath of fresh air! She brought energy, knowledge, and a respectable sense of humor to the stage. Her style was engaging and relatable. It is clear Holly has vast experience working with the adolescent population, and she is happy to share her wealth of knowledge with others. Her passion makes it clear why she is so successful in changing their lives!"

Amber Brantley
Psychologist/Behavior Analyst

"Holly is extremely knowledgeable about her subject matter. She presents in an enthusiastic, humorous way that enhances interest and learning."

Dr. Rachel Bowman

"Holly has the unmatched ability to skillfully present valuable information to a wide and varied audience. She is clearly passionate about her work and her enthusiasm resonates with her audience."

Dr. Jim Phillips

"While Holly remains true to science, her presentations are both entertaining and informative. I would highly recommend her for anyone needing training in ADHD and/or Autism."

Tracy Vail
Speech/Language Pathologist

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