Improving Social Skills for Differently Wired Children

Learn proven, step-by-step strategies to help your child make friends and feel more confident.

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Why Did I Create the "Improving Social Skills" Course?

Social interaction can be difficult and confusing for differently wired children (Autism and/or ADHD). 

"I'm afraid that I'll say the wrong thing." 

"I'm too nervous to talk." 

"The other kids won't like me anyway so why should I even try?"

You Can Help Your Child Improve Their Social Skills TODAY.

Are you ready to learn specific, simple strategies to help your child be more socially successful?

Yes! I want to get started now!

What's Inside the Course?

Decreasing interrupting

Turn taking

Improving conversation

Increasing likability

Increasing perspective taking

The Visual Exchange

Improving appropriate space

Increasing flexibility

Social check-ins

Increasing variety of interests

Appropriate touch

Improving inner speech

Understanding how "Like" changes

Improving social interaction at lunch and during recess

Identifying peer matches

Increasing group participation


Hi! I'm your teacher, Holly Blanc Moses

The Mom/Psychologist Who Gets It

  1. I understand ADHD, Autism, and anxiety and I'M THRILLED to share my knowledge and experience with you!

  2. We have two differently wired boys = I get it!

  3. The Professional Bio - I'm a therapist with over 23 years' experience supporting children with ADHD, Autism and anxiety. 


Step-By-Step Social Skills Strategies for Home and the Community

Valuable and Doable Strategies to Increase Social Success in School

Two Easy to Follow Guides

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"Holly gives the kind of advice that STICKS. She helps you get results fast!"

Itala M. Azzarelli
Parent and Therapist

"Holly is a genius when it comes to understanding kids. She has an incredible gift of implementing effective behavior change strategies in ways that completely, organically mesh with each family."

Dr. Purnima Valdez
Developmental Pediatrician

"I would highly recommend Holly for anyone needing training in ADHD and/or Autism."

Tracy Vail
Speech Language/Pathologist

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ONLY $197


Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who is this course for? Parents of a child who-

  • Is between the ages of 4 and 12
  • Shows social skills challenges at home or school and/or has been diagnosed or is suspected to have Autism or ADHD

2) What if I don't have a lot of time for the course? 

No Worries! There are two easy to follow videos and guides. You can also go at your own pace. Don't forget. You get lifetime access!


3) What format is the course delivered in?

The course includes online videos and fillable/pdf guides. 

4) Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?

The Improving Social Skills Course is only for parents who are ready to make big changes to help their children succeed. I am more than confident that you will be able to help your child improve their social skills with this course. Your satisfaction with the course  is important to us. Yet, because of the extensive time, effort, preparation and care that went into creating the course, there are no refunds. 

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